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IET Signal Processing

Volume 6, Issue 5, July 2012

Volume 6, Issue 5

July 2012

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    • Editorial: Multi-sensor signal processing for defence: Detection, localisation & classification
      Direction and polarisation estimation using polarised cylindrical conformal arrays
      Generalised parametric Rao test for multi-channel adaptive detection of range-spread targets
      Sparsity-aware space–time adaptive processing algorithms with L1-norm regularisation for airborne radar
      Indication of slowly moving ground targets in non-Gaussian clutter using multi-channel synthetic aperture radar
      Kalman filtering for widely linear complex and quaternion valued bearings only tracking
      Efficient multisensor fusion with sliding window Kalman filtering for discrete-time uncertain systems with delays
      Maximum likelihood array calibration using particle swarm optimisation
      Multimodal (audio–visual) source separation exploiting multi-speaker tracking, robust beamforming and time–frequency masking
      Performance of methods based on the fractional Fourier transform for the detection of linear frequency modulated signals
      Fractal dimension, wavelet shrinkage and anomaly detection for mine hunting
      Target classification of ISAR images based on feature space optimisation of local non-negative matrix factorisation
      Range Doppler and chirp scaling processing of synthetic aperture radar data using the fractional Fourier transform
      Advanced image formation and processing of partial synthetic aperture radar data
      Unsupervised video anomaly detection using feature clustering
      Mean shift tracking through scale and occlusion

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