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IET Signal Processing

Volume 6, Issue 4, June 2012

Volume 6, Issue 4

June 2012

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    • Optimal finite impulse response estimation of linear models in receiver channels with imbedded digital signal processing units
      Electroencephalogram signals classification for sleep-state decision – a Riemannian geometry approach
      Energy-based feature ranking for assessing the dysphonia measurements in Parkinson detection
      Likelihood ratio sign test for voice activity detection
      Model-based estimation pursuit for sparse decomposition of ultrasonic echoes
      Cardiac disorder classification by heart sound signals using murmur likelihood and hidden Markov model state likelihood
      Enhancing support vector machine-based speech/music classification using conditional maximum a posteriori criterion
      Robust set-membership filtering for systems with missing measurement: a linear matrix inequality approach
      New system to fingerprint extensible markup language documents using winnowing theory
      Estimating spreading waveform of long-code direct sequence spread spectrum signals at a low signal-to-noise ratio
      Non-linear active noise cancellation using a bacterial foraging optimisation algorithm
      State estimation for a class of slowly switched positive linear systems
      Nonlinear minimum variance estimation for state-dependent discrete-time systems

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