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IET Signal Processing

Volume 6, Issue 3, May 2012

Volume 6, Issue 3

May 2012

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    • Adaptive filtering in phase space for foetal electrocardiogram estimation from an abdominal electrocardiogram signal and a thoracic electrocardiogram signal
      Estimators for autoregressive moving average signals with multiple sensors of different missing measurement rates
      Using genetic algorithms and k-nearest neighbour for automatic frequency band selection for signal classification
      Modelling and behavioural simulation of a high-speed phase-locked loop for frequency synthesis
      Invariant detection of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing signals with unknown parameters for cognitive radio applications
      Tracking performance and robustness analysis of Hurst estimators for multifractional processes
      Cooperative wideband spectrum sensing for cognitive radio networks in fading channels
      Post-filtering algorithm for cross-talk cancellation in blind source separation outputs
      Depth map compression and depth-aided view rendering for a three-dimensional video system
      Technique for target recognition based on intuitionistic fuzzy reasoning
      On the performance of selection cooperation with equal gain combining
      Design perfect reconstruction cosine-modulated filter bank by variable neighbourhood search-least-mean-square error

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