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IET Signal Processing

Volume 5, Issue 7, October 2011

Volume 5, Issue 7

October 2011

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    • Objective quality measures for perceptual evaluation in digital audio watermarking
      Stepped-frequency inverse synthetic aperture radar imaging based on adjacent pulse correlation integration and coherent processing
      Joint complex diversity coding and channel coding over space, time and frequency
      Constructing n-cell numbers by using double-side separation degrees and pattern recognition based on the maximal membership principle
      Superimposed event detection by particle filters
      Performance analysis of a Bayesian classifier for the detection of human presence using total power and correlation radiometry
      Experimental analysis of various estimators for target range estimation in high resolution radars
      Multifractality and singularity of 8B solar neutrino flux signals from Sudbury Neutrino Observatory
      Switched adaptive quantiser for speech compression based on optimal companding and correlation

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