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IET Signal Processing

Volume 5, Issue 6, September 2011

Volume 5, Issue 6

September 2011

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    • Recursive spectral analysis of natural time series based on eigenvector matrix perturbation for online applications
      Segmentation and identification of some pathological phonocardiogram signals using time-frequency analysis
      Process noise identification based particle filter: an efficient method to track highly manoeuvring targets
      Digital fractional delay implementation based on fractional order system
      Priority wavelet packet decomposition and representation
      Quadratic time–frequency analysis and sequential recognition for specific emitter identification
      ECG beat classification using features extracted from Teager energy functions in time and frequency domains
      Beamforming and temporal power optimisation for an overlay cognitive radio relay network
      Stochastic gradient identification of Wiener system with maximum mutual information criterion
      Signal position-based adaptive QR decomposition-based M detection algorithm for multiple-input multiple-output systems
      Probability of even parity of soft bits
      Joint source-and-relay power allocation in multiple-input multiple-output amplify-and-forward relay systems: a non-convex problem and its solution

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