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IET Signal Processing

Volume 5, Issue 2, April 2011

Volume 5, Issue 2

April 2011

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    • Analysis of space–time adaptive processing performance using K-means clustering algorithm for normalisation method in non-homogeneity detector process
      Raised cosine filter-based empirical mode decomposition
      Speech dereverberation in noisy environments using an adaptive minimum mean square error estimator
      Algorithm for Fourier coefficient estimation
      Fractionalisation of an odd time odd frequency DFT matrix based on the eigenvectors of a novel nearly tridiagonal commuting matrix
      Improved parametric families of intersymbol interference-free Nyquist pulses using inner and outer functions
      Intra- and inter-frame prediction in bandwidth scalable coding of wideband speech
      Optimal look-up table-based data hiding
      Efficient detection algorithms for multi-input/multi-output systems by exploiting the non-circularity of transmitted signal source
      Rao-Blackwellised unscented particle filtering for jump Markov non-linear systems: an H approach
      Maximum likelihood and suboptimal schemes for micro-Doppler estimation using carrier diverse Doppler radars
      On the robustness of Hurst estimators
      Comparative study of methods for human performance prediction using electro-encephalographic data
      Adaptive grid risk-sensitive filter for non-linear problems
      Coding mode determination using fuzzy reasoning in H.264 motion estimation
      Class of digital integrators and differentiators
      Logic operation-based template matching algorithm for one-dimensional signals

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