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IET Signal Processing

Volume 4, Issue 5, October 2010

Volume 4, Issue 5

October 2010

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    • Blind multiuser spreading sequences estimation algorithm for the direct-sequence code division multiple access signals
      Classification of low level surface electromyogram using independent component analysis
      New approaches to finite impulse response systems identification using higher-order statistics
      Voice phishing detection technique based on minimum classification error method incorporating codec parameters
      Brain–computer interface for single-trial EEG classification for wrist movement imagery using spatial filtering in the gamma band
      Fault detection of a vibration mechanism by spectrum classification with a divergence-based kernel
      Adaptive sensor selection in wireless sensor networks for target tracking
      z-Domain counterpart to Prony's method for exponential-sinusoidal decomposition
      Joint quantisation strategies for low bit-rate sinusoidal coding
      Novel class of stable wideband recursive digital integrators and differentiators
      Family of affine projection adaptive filters with selective partial updates and selective regressors
      Energy-proportion based scheme for audio watermarking
      Modelling cardiovascular physiological signals using adaptive Hermite and wavelet basis functions
      Channels estimation in OFDM system over Rician fading channel based on comb-type pilots arrangement

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