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IET Signal Processing

Volume 4, Issue 4, August 2010

Volume 4, Issue 4

August 2010

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    • Editorial: Time-Frequency Approach to Radar Detection, Imaging, and Classification
      Focusing inverse synthetic aperture radar images with higher-order motion error using the adaptive joint-time–frequency algorithm optimised with the genetic algorithm and the particle swarm optimisation algorithm – comparison and results
      ISAR imaging of multiple targets using particle swarm optimisation – adaptive joint time frequency approach
      Two-dimensional Hermite S-method for high-resolution inverse synthetic aperture radar imaging applications
      Multiwindow S-method for instantaneous frequency estimation and its application in radar signal analysis
      Cubic-phase function evaluation for multicomponent signals with application to SAR imaging
      Inverse synthetic aperture radar image focusing using fast adaptive joint time–frequency and three-dimensional motion detection on experimental radar data
      Application of joint time–frequency domain reflectometry for electric power cable diagnostics
      Estimating surface water flow speeds using time–frequency methods
      Detection of events in seismic time series by time–frequency methods
      Time–frequency approach to radar, sonar and seismic wave propagation with dispersion and attenuation
      Accurate and efficient implementation of the time–frequency matched filter
      Formulation of Doppler and cross-ambiguity processes based on delay only
      Multiple-view time–frequency distribution based on the empirical mode decomposition
      Moment feature variability in uncertain propagation channels

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