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IET Signal Processing

Volume 4, Issue 3, June 2010

Volume 4, Issue 3

June 2010

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    • Editorial: Time-frequency approach to radar detection, imaging, and classification
      Micro-Doppler parameter estimation from a fraction of the period
      Estimation of micro-motion parameters based on micro-Doppler
      Estimation of micro-motion parameters based on cyclostationary analysis
      Multistatic micro-Doppler radar signatures of personnel targets
      Analysis of radar human gait signatures
      Micro-Doppler analysis of a rotating target in synthetic aperture radar
      Dual-frequency Doppler radars for indoor range estimation: Cramér–Rao bound analysis
      Target detection in the presence of sea clutter and ionospheric interference using joint spectral/time-series analysis and autocovariance procedures
      Time–frequency-based detection of fast manoeuvring targets
      Space–time clutter rejection and target passive detection using the APES method
      Method for non-stationary jammer suppression in noise radar systems
      Systemic approach explored in the context of passive target tracking

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