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IET Signal Processing

Volume 4, Issue 1, February 2010

Volume 4, Issue 1

February 2010

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    • MMSE estimator for speech enhancement considering the constructive and destructive interference of noise
      Gradient-adaptive algorithms for minimum-phase-all-pass decomposition of a finite impulse response system
      Two-stage CIC-based decimator with improved characteristics
      Identification of fifth-order Volterra systems using i.i.d. inputs
      Incremental learning approach based on vector neural network for emitter identification
      Active bearing estimation from a mobile two-dimensional array of sensors
      H filtering of network-based systems with communication constraints
      Blind classification of the short-code and the long-code direct sequence spread spectrum signals
      Error probability analysis of multicarrier direct sequence code division multiple access system under imperfect channel estimation and jamming in a Rayleigh fading channel
      Frequency-domain weighted-least-squares design of quadratic interpolators

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