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IET Signal Processing

Volume 3, Issue 4, July 2009

Volume 3, Issue 4

July 2009

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    • Editorial: Biometric recognition
      Speaker verification under mismatched data conditions
      Using Jitter and Shimmer in speaker verification
      Phase congruency features for palm-print verification
      Finger-based personal authentication: a comparison of feature-extraction methods based on principal component analysis, most discriminant features and regularised-direct linear discriminant analysis
      Face recognition from synchronised visible and near-infrared images
      Complete face logs for video sequences using face quality measures
      On the use of quality measures in face and speaker identity verification based on video and audio streams
      Improving biometric verification with class-independent quality information
      Score bi-Gaussian equalisation for multimodal person verification
      User authentication using keystroke dynamics for cellular phones
      Balancing performance factors in multisource biometric processing platforms

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