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IET Signal Processing

Volume 2, Issue 4, December 2008

Volume 2, Issue 4

December 2008

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    • Knowledge-aided adaptive beamforming
      Vector similarity-based detection scheme for multi-antenna FH/MFSK systems in the presence of follower jamming
      Mixed-signal matched filter for high-rate communication systems
      Cooperative transmission protocol with full diversity and iterative detection
      Gaze-contingent automatic speech recognition
      Efficient implementation of robust adaptive beamforming based on worst-case performance optimisation
      Maximum-likelihood position estimation of network nodes using range measurements
      Self-lifting scheme: new approach for generating and factoring wavelet filter bank
      Multidimensional scaling-based passive emitter localisation from range-difference measurements
      Partially blind source separation of continuous chaotic signals from linear mixture
      Robust multichannel least mean square-type algorithms with fast decaying transient for blind identification of acoustic channels

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