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IET Signal Processing

Volume 2, Issue 3, September 2008

Volume 2, Issue 3

September 2008

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    • Editorial: Signal processing techniques for ISAR and feature extraction
      Recent developments in detection, imaging and classification for airborne maritime surveillance
      Translational rotational motion compensation: a single algorithm for different radar imaging applications
      Detection of a manoeuvring air target in strong sea clutter via joint time–frequency representation
      Motion compensation in ISAR imaging using the registration–restoration–fusion approach
      SAR imaging of moving targets using polynomial Fourier transform
      Real-time motion compensation, image formation and image enhancement of moving targets in ISAR and SAR using S-method-based approach
      Slope-based frame selection and scaling technique for ship ISAR imaging
      Two-dimensional ISAR model and image reconstruction with stepped frequency-modulated signal
      Doppler signatures of radar backscattering from objects with micro-motions
      Micro-Doppler analysis of wheels and pedestrians in ISAR imaging
      Polarimetric ISAR autofocusing
      Manoeuvring target motion parameter estimation for ISAR image fusion

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