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IET Signal Processing

Volume 2, Issue 2, June 2008

Volume 2, Issue 2

June 2008

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    • Editorial: Mathematics in signal processing
      Modelling room transfer functions using the decimated Padé approximant
      Parametric modelling for single-channel blind dereverberation of speech from a moving speaker
      Dynamical hysteresis in communications: a Volterra functional approach
      MIMO channel orthogonalisations applying universal eigenbasis
    • Unified approach to adaptive filters and their performance
      Design of two-dimensional recursive filters by using Taguchi-based immune algorithm
      Reduced ROM-based architecture for sine/cosine generator
      Joint transform-domain-translated algorithm for MPEG-2 to H.264 downscaling intraframe transcoding
      Error reduction technique for four-quadrant arctangent approximations
      Improved blind-spreading sequence estimation algorithm for direct sequence spread spectrum signals
      Excess MSE analysis of the concurrent constant modulus algorithm and soft decision-directed scheme for blind equalisation
      Best linear unbiased estimator approach for time-of-arrival based localisation
      Robust generalised Capon algorithm for estimating the angular parameters of multiple incoherently distributed sources
      Rao–Blackwellised particle filter based track-before-detect algorithm
      Design of digital differentiator using difference formula and Richardson extrapolation

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