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IET Signal Processing

Volume 13, Issue 4, June 2019

Volume 13, Issue 4

June 2019

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    • Generalised two stage cumulants-based MUSIC algorithm for passive mixed sources localisation
      Low probability of intercept-based distributed MIMO radar waveform design against barrage jamming in signal-dependent clutter and coloured noise
      Augmented EMD for complex-valued univariate signals
      Low-Complexity separable beamformers for massive antenna array systems
      Tracking multiple extended targets with multi-Bernoulli filter
      Robust direction of arrival estimation approach for unmanned aerial vehicles at low signal-to-noise ratios
      Correcting estimates of DNA CNAs using improved confidence masks tuned to gold standard
      Non-adaptive space-time clutter canceller for multi-channel synthetic aperture radar
      Performance analysis of the decode-and-forward relay-based RF-FSO communication system in the presence of pointing errors
      Robust adaptive beamforming for fast moving interference based on the covariance matrix reconstruction

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