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Volume 13, Issue 1, February 2019

Volume 13, Issue 1

February 2019

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    • Local low-rank approach for parameter extraction of ocean internal wave from SAR image
      Computer cryptography through performing chaotic modulation on intrinsic mode functions with non-dyadic number of encrypted signals
      Robust information unscented particle filter based on M-estimate
      Classification of Doppler radar reflections as preprocessing for breathing rate monitoring
      DOA estimation of multiple sources for a moving array in the presence of phase noise
      Detector based on the energy of filtered noise
      Block sparse multi-lead ECG compression exploiting between-lead collaboration
      Very large-scale integration architecture for wavelet-based ECG signal adaptive coder
      On the LFM signal improvement by piecewise vibrational resonance using a new spectral amplification factor
      Direction-based similarity measure to trajectory clustering
      Signal processing on graphs: structure preserving maps
      Blind recognition of LDPC code parameters over erroneous channel conditions
      Block-sparse non-uniform norm constraint normalised subband adaptive filter
      Improved clipped affine projection adaptive algorithm
      Approximation of fractional-order low-pass filter

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