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IET Signal Processing

Volume 12, Issue 9, December 2018

Volume 12, Issue 9

December 2018

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    • Directional splitting of Gaussian density in non-linear random variable transformation
      Sparse representation via optimal matching convolution framelets
      Sparse signal recovery via minimax-concave penalty and -norm loss function
      Homotopy optimisation based NMF for audio source separation
      Design of nearly linear-phase double notch digital filters with close notch frequencies
      Blind signal separation method and relationship between source separation and source localisation in the TF plane
      Mixing matrix estimation in UBSS based on homogeneous polynomials
      Two novel sensor control schemes for multi-target tracking via delta generalised labelled multi-Bernoulli filtering
      Parameter estimation of 2D polynomial phase signals using NU sampling and 2D CPF
      Adaptive regularisation for normalised subband adaptive filter: mean-square performance analysis approach
      Personal verification based on multi-spectral finger texture lighting images
      Electrocardiogram signal denoising by clustering and soft thresholding
      Automated QRS complex detection using MFO-based DFOD
      Hybrid Hughes-Hartogs power allocation algorithms for OFDMA systems
      Mainlobe interference suppression based on independent component analysis in passive bistatic radar

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