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IET Signal Processing

Volume 12, Issue 8, October 2018

Volume 12, Issue 8

October 2018

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    • CBMeMBer filter with adaptive target birth intensity
      Performance of analogue, digital and hybrid finite impulse response filter banks affected by realisation errors and noise
      Blind equalisation in the presence of bounded noise
      Unsupervised feature learning via prior information-based similarity metric learning for face verification
      Efficient harmonic peak detection of vowel sounds for enhanced voice activity detection
      Non-cooperative game-theoretic distributed power control technique for radar network based on low probability of intercept
      Denoising of pre-stack seismic data using subspace estimation methods
      Double-ended travelling-wave fault location based on residual analysis using an adaptive EKF
      Efficient blind source extraction of noisy mixture utilising a class of parallel linear predictor filters
      Fast SL0 algorithm for 3D imaging using bistatic MIMO radar
      Optimal design of orders of DFrFTs for sparse representations
      Reconstruction analysis of block-sparse signal via truncated -minimisation with redundant dictionaries
      Distributed sparse diffusion estimation with reduced communication cost
      Energy-efficient data reconstruction algorithm for spatially- and temporally correlated data in wireless sensor networks
      Sensing matrix based on Kasami codes for compressive sensing

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