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IET Signal Processing

Volume 12, Issue 7, September 2018

Volume 12, Issue 7

September 2018

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    • Hybrid classification approach using extreme learning machine and sparse representation classifier with adaptive threshold
      Adaptive beamforming based on theoretical interference-plus-noise covariance and direction-of-arrival estimation
      Robust adaptive filtering for extended target tracking with heavy-tailed noise in clutter
      Forward–backward particle smoother for non-linear systems with one-step random measurement delay
      Filter bank properties of envelope modified EMD methods
      EMI signal feature enhancement based on extreme energy difference and deep auto-encoder
      Algorithm for realisation, parameter analysis, and measurement of pipelined separable 3D finite impulse response filters composed of Givens rotation structures
      Radar pulse completion and high-resolution imaging with SAs based on reweighted ANM
      New approach for short utterance speaker identification
      JPEG-based scalable privacy protection and image data utility preservation
      Hybrid anti-jamming approach for kinematic global positioning system receivers
      Performance improvement of monaural speech separation system using image analysis techniques
      Hard component detection of transient noise and its removal using empirical mode decomposition and wavelet-based predictive filter
      TDOA and FDOA based source localisation via importance sampling
      Realising the decomposition of a multi-frequency signal under the coloured noise background by the adaptive stochastic resonance in the non-linear system with periodic potential

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