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IET Signal Processing

Volume 12, Issue 6, August 2018

Volume 12, Issue 6

August 2018

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    • Comprehensive review of audio steganalysis methods
    • Multi-level prime array for sparse sampling
      Optimal design of minimum multiplier lattice wave digital lowpass filter using metaheuristic techniques
      Learning deep features to recognise speech emotion using merged deep CNN
      Multiband-structured Kalman filter
      Data level moving target detection algorithm based on B-RFS
      Epileptic EEG signal classification using optimum allocation based power spectral density estimation
      Efficient FPGA-based VLSI architecture for detecting R-peaks in electrocardiogram signal by combining Shannon energy with Hilbert transform
      Modelling the noise influence associated with the discrete linear canonical transform
      Support vector machine and higher-order cumulants based blind identification for non-linear Wiener models
      Approximately optimal distribution of depth sensors over towed array
      Feature selection based on MBFOA for audio signal classification under consideration of Gaussian white noise
      Analysis of distributed ADMM algorithm for consensus optimisation over lossy networks
      Sensing Time Optimisation and Sensor Selection in Multi-channel Multi-antenna Wireless Cognitive Sensor Networks
      Spreading sequence estimation algorithms based on ML detector in DSSS communication systems

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