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IET Signal Processing

Volume 12, Issue 5, July 2018

Volume 12, Issue 5

July 2018

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    • Combined optimisation of waveform and quantisation thresholds for multistatic radar systems
      Efficient adaptive filtering algorithm for IQ imbalance compensation Tx/Rx systems
      Estimating instantaneous frequency based on phase derivative and linear canonical transform with optimised computational speed
      Accurate integer-order rational approximation of fractional-order low-pass Butterworth filter using a metaheuristic optimisation approach
      Computational effective modified Newton–Raphson algorithm for power harmonics parameters estimation
      Grouping and selecting singular spectral analysis components for denoising based on empirical mode decomposition via integer quadratic programming
      Iterative null space projection method with adaptive thresholding in sparse signal recovery
      OFDM chirp radar for adaptive target detection in low grazing angle
      5G: performance and evaluation of FS-FBMC against OFDM for high data rate applications at 60 GHz
      Adaptive one-bit quantisation via approximate message passing with nearest neighbour sparsity pattern learning
      Spatially spread dipole/loop quint for vector-cross-product-based direction finding and polarisation estimation
      Inverse second-order polynomial time–frequency transform-based detection of moving targets in the stepped-frequency radars
      Energy-efficient scheme using multiple antennas in secure distributed detection
      High energy efficiency for low error rate in wireless relay networks
      Improving the bound on the restricted isometry property constant in multiple orthogonal least squares

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