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IET Signal Processing

Volume 12, Issue 4, June 2018

Volume 12, Issue 4

June 2018

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    • Enhanced image fusion using directive contrast with higher-order approximation
      Detection of the chirp signal features caused by Doppler phenomenon in the presence of destructive agents based on cyclostationary and Hough transform methods
      Altitude measurement of low-elevation target for VHF radar based on weighted sparse Bayesian learning
      On distributed non-linear active noise control using diffusion collaborative learning strategy
      Block-sparse signal recovery via minimisation method
      Heartbeat classification with low computational cost using Hjorth parameters
      Entropy-based transform learning algorithms
      Integrated polarisation and diversity smoothing algorithm for DOD and DOA estimation of coherent targets
      Network calibration method based on a Bayesian approach using frequency modulation communications for wireless systems over additive white Gaussian noise channel
      Celestial navigation in deep space exploration using spherical simplex unscented particle filter
      Modification of unscented Kalman filter using a set of scaling parameters
      Performance analysis of propagator-based ESPRIT for direction of arrival estimation
      Novel quaternion-valued least-mean kurtosis adaptive filtering algorithm based on the GHR calculus
      Adaptive master–slave unscented Kalman filter for grid voltage frequency estimation
      Hybrid hierarchical method for electrocardiogram heartbeat classification
      Contrast-based image enhancement algorithm using grey-scale and colour space
      Optimal distributed Kalman filtering fusion for multirate multisensor dynamic systems with correlated noise and unreliable measurements
      MMSE and maximum a posteriori estimators for speech enhancement in additive noise assuming a t-location-scale clean speech prior
      Inverse filter based excitation model for HMM-based speech synthesis system
      Automatic correction of short-duration artefacts in single-channel EEG recording: a group-sparse signal denoising algorithm

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