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IET Signal Processing

Volume 12, Issue 2, April 2018

Volume 12, Issue 2

April 2018

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    • Algebraic representation for fractional Fourier transform on one-dimensional discrete signal models
      Fast recovery of weak signal based on three-dimensional curvelet transform and generalised cross validation
      Localisation of mixed near-field and far-field sources using the largest aperture sparse linear array
      Performance comparison between matched filter and locally optimal detector for composite hypothesis test with inaccurate noise
      Mainlobe maintenance using shrinkage estimator method
      Adaptive complex-EKF-based DOA estimation for GPS spoofing detection
      Sequential source localisation and range estimation based on shrinkage algorithm
      Learning using privileged information for HRRP-based radar target recognition
      Dictionary learning based on M-PCA-N for audio signal sparse representation
      Spatial multiplexing gain in MIMO radars with widely separated antennas
      Combined speech compression and encryption using chaotic compressive sensing with large key size
      Foetal ECG extraction using non-linear adaptive noise canceller with multiple primary channels
      Non-linear system modelling based on NARX model expansion on Laguerre orthonormal bases
      Compressive sensing for microwave breast cancer imaging
      Design methods for ULA-based directional antenna arrays by shaping the Cramér–Rao bound functions

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