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IET Signal Processing

Volume 12, Issue 1, February 2018

Volume 12, Issue 1

February 2018

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    • Parameter estimation of micro-motion targets for high-range-resolution radar using high-order difference sequence
      Impulse noise detection technique based on fuzzy set
      Image block encryption algorithm based on chaotic maps
      Reducing errors for root-MUSIC-based methods in uniform circular arrays
      Single-channel blind source separation for paired carrier multiple access signals
      Set-membership improved normalised subband adaptive filter algorithms for acoustic echo cancellation
      Statistically robust transceiver design algorithms for relay aided multiple-input multiple-output interference systems
      Performance analysis of cooperative small cell systems under correlated Rician/Gamma fading channels
      Efficient type-4 and type-5 non-uniform FFT methods in the one-dimensional case
      Detection and classification of islanding and power quality disturbances in microgrid using hybrid signal processing and data mining techniques
      Tetra-stage cluster identification model to analyse the seismic activities of Japan, Himalaya and Taiwan
      Adaptive EIV-FIR filtering against coloured output noise by using linear prediction technique
      BOMP-based angle estimation with polarimetric MIMO radar with spatially spread crossed-dipole
      Robust depth enhancement based on texture and depth consistency
      Signal compression and enhancement using a new orthogonal-polynomial-based discrete transform

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