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IET Signal Processing

Volume 11, Issue 9, December 2017

Volume 11, Issue 9

December 2017

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    • Guest Editorial: De-identification
      Influence of speaker de-identification in depression detection
      Image privacy protection with secure JPEG transmorphing
      Efficient approach to de-identifying faces in videos
      Face deidentification with generative deep neural networks
      Privacy protection of tone-mapped HDR images using false colours
      Face, hairstyle and clothing colour de-identification in video sequences
    • Seismic trace noise reduction by wavelets and double threshold estimation
      Spot and continuous monitoring of heart rate by combining time and frequency domain analysis of photoplethysmographic signals at rest conditions
      Field programmable gate array implementation of fuzzy variable step size adaptive linear element for adaptive frequency estimation
      Transformed cubature quadrature Kalman filter
      Sparse Bayesian Learning with joint noise robustness and signal sparsity
      Novel subspace method for frequencies estimation of two sinusoids with applications to vital signals
      Constrained LMMSE-based object-specific reconstruction in compressive sensing

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