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IET Signal Processing

Volume 11, Issue 8, October 2017

Volume 11, Issue 8

October 2017

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    • Oblique projection for direction-of-arrival estimation of hybrid completely polarised and partially polarised signals with arbitrary polarimetric array configuration
      Fractional bispectrum transform: definition and properties
      Clutter suppression and GMTI for hypersonic vehicle borne SAR system with MIMO antenna
      Universal audio steganalysis based on calibration and reversed frequency resolution of human auditory system
      Message passing detection for large-scale MIMO systems: damping factor analysis
      Common spatial pattern method for real-time eye state identification by using electroencephalogram signals
      Optimal experimental design in the context of canonical expansions
      Performance guarantees of signal recovery via block-OMP with thresholding
      Practical method to predict an upper bound for minimum variance track-to-track fusion
      Robust maximum signal fraction analysis for blind source separation
      Modified Volterra LMS algorithm to fractional order for identification of Hammerstein non-linear system
      Adaptive consensus-based distributed state estimator for non-linear systems in the presence of multiplicative noise
      Non-parallel training for voice conversion using background-based alignment of GMMs and INCA algorithm
      Cooperative spectrum estimation over large-scale cognitive radio networks
      Bidirectional wireless information and power transfer for decode-and-forward relay systems

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