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IET Signal Processing

Volume 11, Issue 7, September 2017

Volume 11, Issue 7

September 2017

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    • Improved estimation and fault detection scheme for a class of non-linear hybrid systems using time delayed adaptive CD state estimator
      Joint statistical framework for the estimation of channel and SFO in OFDM systems
      Unsupervised noise removal technique based on constrained NMF
      Joint DTC based on FISST and generalised Bayesian risk
      Empirical model for SAR ground clutter data
      Multichannel sampling expansions in the linear canonical transform domain associated with explicit system functions and finite samples
      Performance enhancement of approximated model based near-field sources localisation techniques
      FM sequence optimisation of chaotic-based random stepped frequency signal in through-the-wall radar
      Low-complexity graph-based turbo equalisation for single-carrier and multi-carrier FTN signalling
      Denoising of single-trial event-related potentials using adaptive modelling
      Channel aided interference alignment
      Digital constant-envelope modulation scheme for radar using multicarrier OFDM signals
      Easy encoding and low bit-error-rate chaos communication system based on reverse-time chaotic oscillator
      Source recovery of underdetermined blind source separation based on SCMP algorithm
      Music emotion recognition using PSO-based fuzzy hyper-rectangular composite neural networks

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