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IET Signal Processing

Volume 11, Issue 6, August 2017

Volume 11, Issue 6

August 2017

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    • JIE for a class of MD systems
      Elimination of cross-terms in the Wigner–Ville distribution of multi-component LFM signals
      Estimating the number of sources in white Gaussian noise: simple eigenvalues based approaches
      Track-before-detect algorithm based on dynamic programming for multi-extended-targets detection
      Split array of antenna sensors and matrix pencil method for azimuth and elevation angles estimation
      Auction-based competition of hybrid small cells for dropped macrocell users
      Blind spreading sequence estimation algorithm for long-code DS-CDMA signals in asynchronous multi-user systems
      Geometric means and medians with applications to target detection
      Level crossing speech sampling and its sparsity promoting reconstruction using an iterative method with adaptive thresholding
      Chip rate and pseudo-noise sequence estimation for direct sequence spread spectrum signals
      Antenna selection and adaptive power allocation for IA-based underlay CR
      Rhythm-based features for classification of focal and non-focal EEG signals
      Analysis of partial diffusion recursive least squares adaptation over noisy links
      Design and evaluation of symmetric space–time adaptive processing of an array antenna for precise global navigation satellite system receivers
      Bias compensation in the instantaneous frequency estimators based on the time–frequency representations and ICI algorithm

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