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IET Signal Processing

Volume 11, Issue 5, July 2017

Volume 11, Issue 5

July 2017

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    • Generalised Kalman-consensus filter
      Location algorithms for moving target in non-coherent distributed multiple-input multiple-output radar systems
      Novel feature extraction method for cough detection using NMF
      Efficient design of prototype filter for large scale filter bank-based multicarrier systems
      Dual estimation approach to blind source separation
      Power allocation scheme and spectral efficiency analysis for downlink non-orthogonal multiple access systems
      Sparsity-based STAP algorithm with multiple measurement vectors via sparse Bayesian learning strategy for airborne radar
      Cascaded interpolation-filter-delay-decimation algorithm without additional delay
      Continuous basis compressive time-delay estimation in overlapped echoes
      Performance analysis of scheduled TAS-MRC MIMO systems with multiple interferers
      Single Channel speech separation based on empirical mode decomposition and Hilbert Transform
      Speech emotion classification using combined neurogram and INTERSPEECH 2010 paralinguistic challenge features
      Particle filter based on one-step smoothing with adaptive iteration
      Dyadic wavelet transform-based acoustic signal analysis for torque prediction of a three-phase induction motor
      Sensor selection based on maximum entropy fuzzy clustering for target tracking in large-scale sensor networks
      Improving MIMO radar's performance through receivers' positioning
      Game-theoretic beamforming techniques for multiuser multi-cell networks under mixed quality of service constraints
      Physical layer spoofing detection based on sparse signal processing and fuzzy recognition

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