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IET Signal Processing

Volume 11, Issue 4, June 2017

Volume 11, Issue 4

June 2017

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    • Hybrid framework for categorising sounds of Mysticete whales
      Gradient-based algorithm for designing sensing matrix considering real mutual coherence for compressed sensing systems
    • Adaptive matching algorithm for laser detection signals of linear cutting tool marks
      Low-complexity technique to get arbitrary variation in the bandwidth of a digital FIR filter
      Detection and RM correction approach for manoeuvring target with complex motions
      Directional adaptive kernel distribution and its application
      Wavelet DT method for water leak-detection using a vibration sensor: an experimental analysis
      Three-dimensional temperature distribution reconstruction using the extreme learning machine
      Consistent BCS modulated signals for GNSS applications
      Efficient TR-TBD algorithm for slow-moving weak multi-targets in heavy clutter environment
      Mℓ1,2-MUSIC algorithm for DOA estimation of coherent sources
      Bandwidth extension of narrowband speech using integer wavelet transform
      MP Mitigation in Urban Canyons using GPS-combined-GLONASS Weighted Vectorized Receiver
      Ensemble EMD-based signal denoising using modified interval thresholding
      Deep neural network-based linear predictive parameter estimations for speech enhancement
      H filter design for sampled-data systems with packet dropouts and transmission delays " >New results on filter design for sampled-data systems with packet dropouts and transmission delays
      Sparse representation-based quasi-clean speech construction for speech quality assessment under complex environments

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