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IET Signal Processing

Volume 11, Issue 3, May 2017

Volume 11, Issue 3

May 2017

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    • Low-complexity design framework of all-pass filters with application in quadrature mirror filter banks design
      Tree-structured Bayesian compressive sensing via generalised inverse Gaussian distribution
      Alternative framework for the iterated unscented Kalman filter
      Parameter estimation algorithms for Hammerstein time-delay systems based on the orthogonal matching pursuit scheme
      Transforming the SMV model into MMV model based on the characteristics of wavelet coefficients
      Polynomial segment model for radar target recognition using Gibbs sampling approach
      Cluster and local mode-dependent filtering for distributed Markovian jump systems in lossy multi-sensor networks
      Networked filtering for Markovian jump T–S fuzzy systems with imperfect premise matching
      Parameters estimation of correlated non-Gaussian processes by the method of polynomial maximisation
      Filterbank reconstruction of band-limited signals from multichannel samples associated with the LCT
      Exploiting acoustic similarities between Tamil and Indian English in the development of an HMM-based bilingual synthesiser
      Optimised hybrid localisation with cooperation in wireless sensor networks

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