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IET Signal Processing

Volume 11, Issue 1, February 2017

Volume 11, Issue 1

February 2017

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    • Acoustic vector sensor: reviews and future perspectives
    • Joint estimation of state and system biases in non-linear system
      Dual-channel VTS feature compensation for noise-robust speech recognition on mobile devices
      Optimal design of L 1-norm based IIR digital differentiators and integrators using the bat algorithm
      Sparsity-aware adaptive block-based compressive sensing
      Multidimensional scaling-based passive emitter localisation from time difference of arrival measurements with sensor position uncertainties
      Subcarrier and power allocation scheme for downlink OFDM-NOMA systems
      Reconstruction and basis function construction of electromagnetic interference source signals based on Toeplitz-based singular value decomposition
      Performance analysis of filter bank multicarrier system with non-linear high power amplifiers for 5G wireless networks
      Diagnostics subspace identification method of linear state-space model with observation outliers
      Direct TDOA geolocation of multiple frequency-hopping emitters in flat fading channels
      l 0-norm penalised shrinkage linear and widely linear LMS algorithms for sparse system identification
      HS remote sensing image restoration using fusion with MS images by EM algorithm
      Parallel structure for sparse impulse response using moving window integration
      Chaotic cellular automaton for generating measurement matrix used in CS coding

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