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IET Signal Processing

Volume 10, Issue 9, December 2016

Volume 10, Issue 9

December 2016

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    • Analytical spatial correlation analysis based on the hierarchical angle model for uniform linear and circular antenna arrays
      Stochastic resonator to detect bipolar binary pulse amplitude modulated signals; analysis, parameter-induced SR designs and sine-induced SR
      Distortion-characteristic estimation predistorter for high efficiency power amplifiers
      Non-coherent detection of radar target in heavy-tailed sea clutter using bi-window non-linear shrinkage map
      Shape selection partitioning algorithm for Gaussian inverse Wishart probability hypothesis density filter for extended target tracking
      Image super-resolution reconstruction using the high-order derivative interpolation associated with fractional filter functions
      Robust adaptive beamforming against large DOA mismatch with linear phase and magnitude constraints for multiple-input–multiple-output radar
      Method for estimating the central frequency of phase-coded radar signals
      Modified Cramer–Rao bound of parameter estimation for single-channel mixtures of adjacent-frequency signals
      Estimation of the sample covariance matrix from compressive measurements
      N-phase logistic chaotic sequence and its application for image encryption
      Spatial spectrum for direction of arrival estimation of multiple non-stationary wideband sources in the time–frequency plane
      Two-dimensional DOA estimation for L-shaped array with nested subarrays without pair matching
      H-PMHT track-before-detect processing with DP-based track initiation and termination
      One sample per person face recognition via sparse representation
      Optimal design of wideband infinite impulse response fractional order digital integrators using colliding bodies optimisation algorithm
      Multi-domain collaborative filter for interference suppressing
      QRS residual removal in atrial activity signals extracted from single lead: a new perspective based on signal extrapolation

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