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IET Signal Processing

Volume 10, Issue 8, October 2016

Volume 10, Issue 8

October 2016

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    • Spherical interpolation method of emitter localisation using weighted least squares
      Hybrid FFT-ADALINE algorithm with fast estimation of harmonics in power system
      Outage analysis of OFDM based cognitive radio network with full duplex relay selection
      Polarisation smoothing for coherent source direction finding with multiple-input and multiple-output electromagnetic vector sensor array
      Optimal estimation for systems with multiplicative noises, random delays and multiple packet dropouts
      Multi-target trackers using cubature Kalman filter for Doppler radar tracking in clutter
      Admissible wavelet packet sub-band based harmonic energy features using ANOVA fusion techniques for Hindi phoneme recognition
      Stability analysis in Gram-Schmidt QR decomposition
      Sentence-HMM state-based i-vector/PLDA modelling for improved performance in text dependent single utterance speaker verification
      Time differences of arrival estimation of mixed interference signals using blind source separation based on wireless sensor networks
      Weighted double-backtracking matching pursuit for block-sparse reconstruction
      Analytical method for optimum non-negative integer bit allocation
      Reweighted regularised variable step size normalised least mean square-based iterative channel estimation for multicarrier-interleave division multiple access systems
      Modified artificial bee colony optimisation based FIR filter design with experimental validation using field-programmable gate array
      Discrete cosine transform-derived spectrum-based speech enhancement algorithm using temporal-domain multiband filtering
      Modified generalised likelihood ratio test for detecting a regular respiratory signal in through-wall life detection
      In-flight initial alignment scheme for radar-aided SINS in the arctic
      Adaptive stochastic gradient descent on the Grassmannian for robust low-rank subspace recovery

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