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IET Signal Processing

Volume 10, Issue 7, September 2016

Volume 10, Issue 7

September 2016

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    • Introducing new algorithms for realising an FIR filter with less hardware in order to eliminate power line interference from the ECG signal
      Block-sparse compressed sensing with partially known signal support via non-convex minimisation
      Distributed fusion estimator for multi-sensor asynchronous sampling systems with missing measurements
      Run-length method for determining the segmentation length based on the segmentation long-code blind estimation
      Multi-innovation stochastic gradient method for harmonic modelling of power signals
      Compound time-frequency domain method for estimating parameters of uniform-sampling polynomial-phase signals on the entire identifiable region
      IMM approach to state estimation for systems with delayed measurements
      Parameter estimation for blind classification of digital modulations
      Compressive sensing for cluster structured sparse signals: variational Bayes approach
      Cramér–Rao bound analysis for joint target location and velocity estimation in frequency modulation based passive radar networks
      Zak transform and uncertainty principles associated with the linear canonical transform
      Tracking performance of incremental augmented complex least mean square adaptive network in the presence of model non-stationarity
      Long-term intuitionistic fuzzy time series forecasting model based on vector quantisation and curve similarity measure
      Efficient noise reduction for interferometric phase image via non-local non-convex low-rank regularisation
      Efficient methodology for electrocardiogram beat classification
      Robust finite-time H control for switched systems by using sojourn-probability-dependent method

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