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IET Signal Processing

Volume 10, Issue 6, August 2016

Volume 10, Issue 6

August 2016

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    • Riemann–Liouville operator-based fractional normalised least mean square algorithm with application to decision feedback equalisation of multipath channels
      Ensemble empirical mode decomposition-based optimised power line interference removal algorithm for electrocardiogram signal
      Extended target tracking filter with intermittent observations
      Ant-colony algorithm with interference cancellation for cooperative transmission
      Blind deblurring from single motion image based on adaptive weighted total variation algorithm
      Kalman particle filtering algorithm for symmetric alpha-stable distribution signals with application to high frequency time difference of arrival geolocation
      Nuclear norm regularised dynamic mode decomposition
      Error-free computation of 8-point discrete cosine transform based on the Loeffler factorisation and algebraic integers
      Improved single channel phase-aware speech enhancement technique for low signal-to-noise ratio signal
      Near-optimal estimation of radar pulse modulation waveform
      Loop analysis of adaptive notch filters
      Lifting-based design of two-channel biorthogonal graph filter bank
      DA based approach for the implementation of block adaptive decision feedback equaliser
      Multi-objective optimisation of wavelet features for phoneme recognition
      Vibration detection method for optical fibre pre-warning system
      Two-dimensional autofocus technique for high-resolution spotlight synthetic aperture radar

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