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IET Signal Processing

Volume 10, Issue 5, July 2016

Volume 10, Issue 5

July 2016

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    • QR-based robust diffusion strategies for wireless sensor networks using minimum-Wilcoxon-norm
      Criterion for non-existence of limit cycles in 2D state-space digital filters described by the Fornasini–Marchesini second model with finite wordlength non-linearities
      System approximations based on Meixner-like models
      Discrete blind reconstruction method for multi-coset sampling
      Distributed fast channel allocation in cognitive wireless sensor networks
      Evolutionary clustering framework based on distance matrix for arbitrary-shaped data sets
      TDOA/FDOA estimation method based on dechirp
      Novel N-scan GM-PHD-based approach for multi-target tracking
      Iterative sequential Monte Carlo algorithm for motif discovery
      Bayesian compressive sensing for primary user detection
      Improved semi-blind spectrum sensing for cognitive radio with locally optimum detection
      Distributed binary majority voting via exponential distribution
      Combinatorial optimisation for pulse position modulation-ultra wideband signal detection based on compressed sensing and analogue-to-information converter
      Iteratively reweighted correlation analysis method for robust parameter identification of multiple-input multiple-output discrete-time systems
      Computing the proximity operator of the ℓ p norm with 0 < p < 1
      Reconstruction algorithm using exact tree projection for tree-structured compressive sensing

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