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IET Signal Processing

Volume 10, Issue 4, June 2016

Volume 10, Issue 4

June 2016

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    • Unbiased, optimal, and in-betweens: the trade-off in discrete finite impulse response filtering
    • Doubly iterative multiple-input–multiple-output-bit-interleaved coded modulation receiver with joint channel estimation and randomised sampling detection
      Robust anti-jamming method for high dynamic global positioning system receiver
      Application of linear canonical transform correlation for detection of linear frequency modulated signals
      Comparison of centralised scaled unscented Kalman filter and extended Kalman filter for multisensor data fusion architectures
      Efficient method for finding globally optimal solution of problem with weighted Lp norm and L 2 norm objective function
      Model-based super-resolution time-delay estimation with sample rate consideration
      Imaging of high-speed manoeuvering target via improved version of product high-order ambiguity function
      Iterative channel estimation for multiuser fibre-wireless uplink exploiting semi-correlated ternary signals
      Linear fitting Kalman filter
      Entropic uncertainty inequalities on sparse representation
      Artificial bandwidth extension using deep neural network-based spectral envelope estimation and enhanced excitation estimation

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