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IET Signal Processing

Volume 10, Issue 2, April 2016

Volume 10, Issue 2

April 2016

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    • Adaptive persymmetric detector of generalised likelihood ratio test in homogeneous environment
      One sample per person face recognition based on particle swarm optimisation
      Design of M-channel linear-phase non-uniform filter banks with arbitrary rational sampling factors
      Effect of imperfect CSI on STBC-MISO system via antenna selection
      Convolution and correlation theorems for the two-dimensional linear canonical transform and its applications
      Reducing power and increasing accuracy of on-body sensing in motion capture application
      Reconstruction of uniformly sampled signals from non-uniform short samples in fractional Fourier domain
      Knowledge-aided STAP with sparse-recovery by exploiting spatio-temporal sparsity
      Implementation and verification of cyclostationary feature detector for DVB-T signals
      Finite projective spaces in deterministic construction of measurement matrices
      Multiplicative filtering in the linear canonical transform domain
      Experimental validation of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing with peak-to-average power ratio reduction and out-band distortion control using software defined radio

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