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IET Science, Measurement & Technology

Volume 9, Issue 8, November 2015

Volume 9, Issue 8

November 2015

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    • Data integration for multi-path ultrasonic flowmeter based on Levenberg–Marquardt algorithm
      Research on biomechanical compatibility for the artificial anal sphincter based on rectal perception function reconstruction
      Robust frequency estimation in three-phase power systems using correntropy-based adaptive filter
      Planetary gearbox fault diagnostic method using acoustic emission sensors
      Time–frequency analyses of leakage current waveforms of high voltage insulators in uniform and non-uniform polluted conditions
      Development of thermistor signal conditioning circuit using artificial neural networks
      Experimental characterisation and performance evaluation of a coaxial current transformer for measurement of insulated gate bipolar transistor switching current
      Measurement method of charge densities at ground level under high-voltage direct current conductor
      Evaluation of ultraviolet ageing, pollution and varistor degradation effects on harmonic contents of surge arrester leakage current
      Sub-band adaptive filtering method for electroencephalography/event related potential signal using nature inspired optimisation techniques
      Sensing texture using an artificial finger and a data analysis based on the standard deviation
      Adaptive Gauss–Hermite filter for non-linear systems with unknown measurement noise covariance
      Bearing fault classification using ANN-based Hilbert footprint analysis
      Algorithm for dealing with time-varying signal within sliding-window for harmonics estimation
      Electromagnetic interference noise suppression of writing/reading flash memory with multiple-execution control program
      Interpretation of adjoint sensitivity analysis for shape optimal design of electromagnetic systems
      Modified weight function with automatic node generation in element-free Galerkin method for magnetic field computation
      Using measurements with large round-off errors for interval estimation of normal process variance

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