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IET Science, Measurement & Technology

Volume 9, Issue 7, October 2015

Volume 9, Issue 7

October 2015

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    • Resonantly loaded apertures for high-resolution near-field surface imaging
      Finite element mesh optimisation for improvement of the sensitivity matrix in electrical resistance tomography
      Method for the estimation of soil structure in the vicinity of a grounding system
      Application of an advanced eddy-current loss modelling to magnetic properties of electrical steel laminations in a wide range of measurements
      Characterisation system for the evaluation of digital partial discharge measuring instruments
      Repeatability and reproducibility in med labs: a procedure to measurement system analysis
      Phasor estimation in power systems using a neural network with online training for numerical relays purposes
      Precise algorithm for frequency estimation under dynamic and step-change conditions
      Coarse alignment of a shipborne strapdown inertial navigation system using star sensor
      Influence of altitude on radio interference level of AC power lines based on corona cage
      Electrocardiogram data compression using adaptive bit encoding of the discrete Fourier transforms coefficients
      Eddy current sensor based velocity and distance estimation in rail vehicles
      Radiated spurious emission measurements using fast Fourier transform-based time domain scan
      Hybrid method on signal de-noising and representation for online partial discharge monitoring of power transformers at substations
    • Research on lightning surge overvoltage of convertor station with 500 kV hot-standby circuit breakers

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