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Volume 9, Issue 4, July 2015

Volume 9, Issue 4

July 2015

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    • Diagnosis of solid insulation deterioration for power transformers with dissolved gas analysis-based time series correlation
      Robust design optimisation of electromagnetic devices exploiting gradient indices and Kriging
      Influence of soil temperature characteristic on the grounding electrode temperature rise
      Three-dimensional defect inversion from magnetic flux leakage signals using iterative neural network
      Fast circuit model for interaction of open-ended rectangular waveguide probes with arbitrary-shape surface cracks in metals
      Fully optimised charge simulation method by using particle swarm optimisation
      Distortion measurement of exponential signal
      Hybrid power system state estimation using Taguchi differential evolution algorithm
      Shielding effectiveness analysis of an infinite cylindrical structure with a lateral aperture by modal method of moments
      Effect of friction stir welding tool on temperature, applied forces and weld quality
      Numerical calculation of circulating current losses in stator transposition bar of large hydro-generator
      Vibration parameter estimation methods for ultrasonic measurement systems – a review
      Accuracy assessment of airborne laser scanner dataset by means of parametric and non-parametric statistical methods
      Improving pulse eddy current and ultrasonic testing stress measurement accuracy using neural network data fusion
      Implementation of a light Flickermeter in a low cost embedded system

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