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IET Science, Measurement & Technology

Volume 9, Issue 3, May 2015

Volume 9, Issue 3

May 2015

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    • Optimal sampling for fast eddy current testing inversion by utilising sensitivity data
      Adaptive sampling strong tracking scaled unscented Kalman filter for denoising the fibre optic gyroscope drift signal
      Gait motion simulator for kinematic tests of above knee prostheses
      Systematic approaches for designing Rogowski coils
      Cross-bonding cable and box model based on pulse reflection measurement
      Wavelet base selection for de-noising and extraction of partial discharge pulses in noisy environment
      Declining multi inverter-based total harmonic distortion with the aid of hybrid optimisation technique
      Convergence analysis of non-linear filtering based on cubature Kalman filter
      BriGuard: a lightweight indoor intrusion detection system based on infrared light spot displacement
      Studies on the electrochemical properties of nickel phtalocyanine for impedimetric detection of environment pollutants: hydroquinone and bisphenol A
      Robust control strategy for electrically driven robot manipulators: adaptive fuzzy sliding mode
      Behaviour of electrical double layer under oil flow and voltage application inside a capacitive sensor
      Wavelet packet transform-based time of arrival estimation method for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing ultra-wideband signal
      Power quality improvements in a zeta converter for brushless DC motor drives
      Rough-set belief rule model using multinomial subjective logic
      Statistical approach for interpretation of power transformers frequency response analysis results
      On-line parameter identification of power plant characteristics based on phasor measurement unit recorded data using differential evolution and bat inspired algorithm

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