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Volume 8, Issue 6, November 2014

Volume 8, Issue 6

November 2014

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    • Green Wireless Internet Technology
      24-GHz Patch antenna array on cellulose-based materials for green wireless internet applications
      Analysis of collaborative spectrum sensing with binary phase shift keying signal power estimation errors
      Compact and closely spaced tunable printed F-slot multiple-input–multiple-output antenna system for portable wireless applications with efficient diversity
      Technology demonstrator of a novel software defined radio-based aeronautical communications system
      Bio-inspired energy and channel management in distributed wireless multi-radio networks
      Cooperative transmission schemes for energy-efficient collaborative wireless sensor networks
      Analogue network coding-aided game theoretic medium access control protocol for energy-efficient data dissemination
      Data envelopment analysis with slacks model for energy efficient multicast over coded packet wireless networks
      Energy efficient transmission techniques for wireless sensor networks
      Adaptive control of solar tracking system
      Step forward to map fully parallel energy efficient cortical columns on field programmable gate arrays
      Self-organising comprehensive handover strategy for multi-tier LTE-Advanced heterogeneous networks
    • Flexible dual-diversity wearable wireless node integrated on a dual-polarised textile patch antenna
      Real-time measurement of meteorological parameters for estimating low-altitude atmospheric turbulence strength (C n 2)
      Effect of the grounding resistance to the behaviour of high-voltage transmission lines’ surge arresters
      Self-matched high-Q reconfigurable antenna concept for mobile terminals
      Three-dimensional electrical capacitance tomography reconstruction by the Landweber iterative algorithm with fuzzy thresholding
      Modelling of corona discharge of a tri-electrode system for electrostatic separation processes
      New self-adaptive bat-inspired algorithm for unit commitment problem
      Direct adaptive general type-2 fuzzy control for a class of uncertain non-linear systems
      Measurement of harmonic distortion and Skewness of stator current of induction motor at crawling in Clarke plane
      Non-quadratic exponential stabilisation of non-linear hyperbolic partial differential equation systems
      Flaw detection and measurement for mobile display
      Artificial neural network methodology for the estimation of ground enhancing compounds resistance
      Rolling element bearing fault diagnosis based on non-local means de-noising and empirical mode decomposition
      Pilot study: electrical impedance based tissue classification using support vector machine classifier
      Moisture and electrical discharges effect on naphthenic mineral oil properties
      AC creeping discharges propagating over solid–gas interfaces
      Calibration of triaxial MEMS vector field measurement system
      Wireless sensor network-based solution for environmental monitoring: water quality assessment case study
      Digital image processing method for static balance measurement of incomplete spherical rotor with air suspension

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