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IET Science, Measurement & Technology

Volume 7, Issue 1, January 2013

Volume 7, Issue 1

January 2013

Residual doping concentration estimation in a separation by IMplanted OXygen film using current measurements
Simplified computational routine to correct the modal decoupling in transmission lines and power systems modelling
Genetic algorithm-optimised charge simulation method for electric field modelling of plate-type electrostatic separators
Experimental investigation of the effect of the design parameters of pressboard in mineral oil on creepage discharge propagation
Mesh optimisation methods for unstructured transmission-line modelling
Pose measurement for fighter empennage based on string sensors
Control of a class of non-linear uncertain chaotic systems via an optimal Type-2 fuzzy proportional integral derivative controller
Calibration and operation of a fibre Bragg grating temperature sensing system in a grid-connected hydrogenerator
Design, analysis and fabrication of a novel six-axis micropositioning stage

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