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IET Science, Measurement & Technology

Volume 6, Issue 6, November 2012

Volume 6, Issue 6

November 2012

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    • Influence of natural ester on frequency dielectric response of impregnated insulation pressboard
      Electrocardiogram compression technique for global system of mobile-based offline telecardiology application for rural clinics in India
      High-power calibration and measurement method for bio-electromagnetic study
      Simulation and energy management of an experimental solar system through adaptive neural networks
      E-Science application of wireless sensor networks in eco-hydrological monitoring in the Heihe River basin, China
      Application of the Hilbert–Huang transform with fractal feature enhancement on partial discharge recognition of power cable joints
      Detection of cardiac arrhythmic beats by logical classifier using binary coding
      Robust feature extraction from impedimetric signals using wavelet packet decomposition with application to cytotoxicity testing
      Effects of model complexity and tissue anisotropic conductivity on cortical modulation during transcranial direct current stimulation
      Comparison of partial discharge characteristics and degradation in several polymeric insulators
      Statistical evaluation and comparison of radiated emission standards
      Compensation of the effects of electrical sensors in measuring partial discharge signals
      Huber-based novel robust unscented Kalman filter
      Modified formula for calculation of active power and root-mean-square value of band-limited alternating current signals
      Compensated transconductance driven-right-leg circuit
      Novel binary tree Huffman decoding algorithm and field programmable gate array implementation for terrestrial-digital multimedia broadcasting mobile handheld
      Sprott chaos synchronisation classifier for diabetic foot peripheral vascular occlusive disease estimation

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