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IET Science, Measurement & Technology

Volume 6, Issue 4, July 2012

Volume 6, Issue 4

July 2012

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    • Estimation of time-varying power quality indices with an adaptive window-based fast generalised S-transform
      Partial discharge recognition based on SF6 decomposition products and support vector machine
      Comparison of methods for measuring ultrasonic velocity variations during ageing or fermentation of food materials
      Improving the efficiency of high power piezoelectric transducers for industrial applications
      Response of metal oxide arrester in gas-insulated substation and methods to improve its dynamic characteristics
      Methodology for developing a low-pressure discharge lamp model with electron density variation and ambipolar diffusion
      Rigorous electromagnetic model of an induction cooking system
      Automated region-based hybrid compression for digital imaging and communications in medicine magnetic resonance imaging images for telemedicine applications
      Electromagnetic interference detection method to increase the immunity of a microcontroller-based system in a complex electromagnetic environment
      Ultrasonic signal compressive detection using improved random equivalent sampling
      Coordinated aggregated-based particle swarm optimisation algorithm for congestion management in restructured power market by placement and sizing of unified power flow controller
      Empirical mode decomposition of acoustic signals for diagnosis of faults in gears and rolling element bearings
      Variable leaky least mean-square algorithm-based power system frequency estimation
      Electromagnetic fields generated by arbitrarily shaped current loops
      Multi-band weakly ground-coupled balanced antenna design for portable devices

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