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IET Science, Measurement & Technology

Volume 3, Issue 2, March 2009

Volume 3, Issue 2

March 2009

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    • Influence of the number of core air gaps on transient state parameters of TPZ class protective current transformers
      Measurement and testing specifications of voltage flicker in 220 V/60 Hz power systems
      Shielding effectiveness of a rectangular enclosure with finite wall thickness and rectangular apertures by the generalised modal method of moments
      Optimally averaging the interpolated fast Fourier transform in both directions
      Inverse method for the detection of a foreign object using microwave measurements
      Method for determining the junction temperature of alternating current light-emitting diodes
      Design and metrological applications of a low noise, high electrical isolation measurement unit
      Shielding effectiveness for a three-phase transformer at various harmonic frequencies

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