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Volume 14, Issue 5, July 2020

Volume 14, Issue 5

July 2020

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    • Accumulative effect of partial discharges at impulse voltage wave tail
      Design of a flat-type magnetic position sensor using a finite-difference method
      MASGQF with application to SINS alignment
      State estimation based on improved cubature Kalman filter algorithm
      Sensitivity analysis of inverse problems in EM non-destructive testing
      Field-circuit simulation of electromagnetic interference and optimisation design in vehicle navigation system
      Probabilistic assessment of insulator failure under contaminated conditions
      Enhancing the lightning performance of overhead transmission lines with optimal EGLA and downstream shield wire placement in mountainous areas: a complete study
      Investigation on space charge properties of Nomex insulation paper in the mining dry type transformer during hygrothermal ageing
      Influence of electric field on the ice-coating process of insulators with a different dielectric surface
      LMI-based robust fault detection and isolation in linear stochastic systems
      Detecting feeble position oscillations from rotary encoder signal in an industrial robot via singular spectrum analysis
      Effects of cost optimised grid configuration on earthing system performance: a comparative assessment
      Evaluation of sustainability of microgrid grounding grid design under varying soil conditions through estimation of touch, step voltages and novel methods of earthing

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