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Volume 14, Issue 4, June 2020

Volume 14, Issue 4

June 2020

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    • Efficient time-domain numerical modelling of crosstalk between coaxial cables incorporating frequency-dependent parameters
      Hybrid resampling scheme for particle filter-based inversion
      Intelligent fault diagnosis method for rotating machinery based on vibration signal analysis and hybrid multi-object deep CNN
      Highly sensitive thin-film capacitive sensor for online moisture measurement in transformer oil
      Performance analysis of iterative linear regression-based clustering in wireless sensor networks
      Modified AC standstill method for PMSM d - q axis inductances measurement
      Latest developments on the shielding effectiveness measurements of materials and gaskets in reverberation chambers
      Finite-element analysis combined with an ensemble Gaussian process regression to predict the damper eddy current losses in a large turbo-generator
      Magnetic equivalent circuit modelling of coaxial magnetic gears considering non-linear magnetising curve
      Hybrid model for estimating the shielding effectiveness of metallic enclosures with arbitrary apertures
      Comparison of the dielectric properties of functionally graded material dielectrics and layered dielectrics used for electric stress control
      Design and implementation of dielectric windows for detection of radial deformation of HV transformer winding using radar imaging
      Effects of voltage forms, pressure, and adsorbent on the SF6 decomposition characteristics under corona discharge
      Efficient method to investigate the equivalent series resistance of a capacitor in low frequency range
      Influence of protrusions on the positive switching impulse breakdown voltage of sphere-plane air gaps in high-altitude areas

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